[H] <Mythically Challenged> (9/10) Recruiting!

Originally formed by a small group of friends in 2018 during the later part of the legion expansion. We had multiple clears through raids on normal and heroic difficulty during that time.

We are looking to rebuild our raiding roster however raiding isn’t the only thing we are interested in, we also enjoy mythic+ and PvP content from time to time. We are a relaxed and Friendly guild whose main focus is to get the curve achievement during each tier of raiding. If your not from our realm but would like to raid with us then we have a community set up so anyone can join.

Raid Info and what we are looking for:

Raiding times are Monday, Wednesday and extra day friday when progressing at 20:00 - 23:00 server time. Our current progress is 9/10 Heroic CN. We are looking for range DPS however we will consider anyone who is interested in joining. We also consider people out side our realm so if you are intrested please sign up!

Contact Info:

Battle Tag: nutnut22#2494
Discord: Buddy#7401

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