[H] Nascent: New guild recruiting

Hi there! Welcome to Nascent and thank you for clicking on our post.

This will be far longer than my previous post so grab a cup of anything you fancy and some cake, sit back enjoy the read!

Nascent is a recently formed guild on Draenor and we’re looking for more members to fit into our expanding community. We want to be a guild that focuses not just on raiding but all aspects of the game, whether it be Mythic + or PVP or retro farming and leveling. We want to focus on the social aspect of a guild but without neglecting the harder content of the game; We’ll be aiming for at least AotC every tier and pushing higher keys but they’ll be weekly events for members that don’t want to push too high and want to do other things with guildies. We want to be friends that play the game together, not just raid day loggers that only talk to each other 6 hours a week. New to the game or just coming back after a long break, that’s fine, you won’t get looked down on for that. We’ll help you if you need it!

We’re not looking into doing raiding in Season 4 (though I want the slimy cat mount so we might give it a go!) but will be doing Mythic+ and maybe some retro runs in the space between now and Dragonflight to get to know each other as this is more important than rushing a raid team together. If you’re still interested in the guild but want to raid for season 4, no worries, you can always join us on an alt or let me or an officer know and you can join closer to Dragonflight.

Currently looking for any role and class, although we may be close to filling our tank spaces already.


We’ll take a more casual approach to Raiding while retaining the desire to progress like any other guild. We’ll be aiming for AotC each tier, hopefully getting the end boss down at least in the middle of each tier and if there’s enough interest, we’ll tickle a few Mythic bosses too but we’re not aiming for CE.

As always, we’ll expect the usual level of preparation; Come prepared with flasks/phials, food and make sure your gear is gemmed and enchanted. Know your class and have an idea of what the bosses are going to do but I don’t expect you to sit there watching countless boss videos to know what to do. I can’t really learn a boss fight until I’ve actually experienced it and I imagine a lot of you are the same.

Mistakes can and will happen. Abuse and yelling during raids won’t be tolerated. No targeting anyone for making a mistake, everyone makes them now and again. We’ll regroup, look at what went wrong and work together to get past it in a mature and reasonable manner.

They’ll be a poll on what days and times suits the raiders closer to the time. Nothing’s set in stone as of yet.


They’ll be plenty of opportunities for Mythic +. They’ll be a lot of people aiming as high as +20s every season and we will all help each other towards that but if you’re looking to do lower keys I know I have a plethora of alts I’d happily do lower keys on as will other members of the guild


There’s a few of us that will be PVPing. We won’t be dedicated to this as much as a PVP guild of course but hopefully we can get some arena and rated battleground teams going.

Everything else

Meta achievements, retros, maybe even guild competitions for some prizes now and again. This is completely open to whatever guildies would like to do. Want to play other games with each other, go for it! They’ll be chats in the guild Discord for that.


If this guild sounds like it’d suit you feel free to contact us on Discord: Aevelin#0414, Bloodjr#6611 or Dascotty#4609 or Battletag: Aevelin#2827, Bloodjr#2899 or Dascotty#2634


You guys sounds pretty much exactly what I’m looking for…I’ll try find you ingame.

Hey Althaer, good to have you with us :wink:

Small bump with the start of the new season. Plenty of keys to be done and we’ll see about doing the fated raids at least on Normal for the Slime Cat, come join us!

In particular need of healers and more DPS. Remember, we’re not looking for members just for raiding, any social person that likes to do keys or is an achievement hunter is also welcome.

Sylvanas is down, next week Sepulcher. Looking for a couple of healers and some more DPS (Not locks or mages though :frowning: ) to fill out the team a bit more.

Time for my weekly bump :slight_smile: We are now the proud owners of slime cats and with it our little bit of raiding is finished until Dragonflight. HOWEVER, to continue building the guild communication with each other and to build our teamwork some more we’re planning on some chilled meta achievement runs, some groups for raid mounts that can’t quite be soloed yet, maybe even kill (or be killed by) Alliance by raiding Stormwind. Will be plenty going on to keep activity going for another 3ish months :smiley:

If there’s any healers out there especially that would like to join us would be great but anyone is welcome :slight_smile:

Hey Nascent,

Do you have room for a sh. priest. I have AOTC in CN, SOD and SOTF


No longer recruiting/disbanded

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