[H] <Necrotic> is recruiting Mythic raiders, m+ players and socials!

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Necrotic is an English speaking Horde social raiding guild with focus on HC and Mythic difficulty. The guild has been going strong for over 3 years, and we comprise of a group of like minded players who are looking to expand our ranks, with a focus on competent DPS (both melee and ranged are welcome) for our core mythic 20-man roster. As of right now, we are 8/8 HC and progressing mythic at 2/8M while we’re bolstering our Mythic roster. We are located on The Maelstrom, connected with Deathwing, Karazhan, Lightning’s Blade.

While we have a light-hearted approach to raiding, where we encourage joking around and having a laugh, we take progression seriously and like members to come prepared.

We are happy to help gear those who require it as we have members running Mythic dungeons for weekly +10 keys every reset, as well as assist people in better playing their class, with the intention of gaining long standing members.

While raiding is the main focus of many in the guild, all current members value the sense of community that a guild brings and we enjoy each others company during off-raid hours, doing other content in WoW or playing other games.

Our raiders consist of adults over the age of 21, so we have a minimum age requirement of 20.

As stated above, our focus with the recuitment right now is on our mythic raiding roster, where we need any DPS (mage, hunter or shaman would be a bonus, but others are fine too!). This would mean we’d preferably do a trial run with you in a raid setting (either HC or Mythic) and evaluate your performance (sounds harsher than it is, don’t worry). If mythic raiding your main reason for joining the guild, providing any prior logs (from Uldir specifially) will help out immensely in the brief screening process.

We do prefer if you have a high attendance, as you are expected to make most raids, but realize that unexpected IRL events can occur which is fine.

Not a raider? No problem! You are more then welcome to join to hang out as a social, PvPer or M+ focused member, as we are always looking for new friends to interact and play with in other content.

Discord is our main means of communication, but in addition we also have a very active WhatsApp group for those of us that pretend to be busy at work :wink:

Our raid days are:

Thursdays 8pm - 10.30pm (GMT)

Sunday 7pm – 10.30pm (GMT)

Interested in joining or wanting to chat with a GM/Officer?

Contact me on discord - Heartlust#0001

alternatively, give us a whisper on Bnet!




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Hello , I am looking to join a raiding guild that has a great community and very good activity as well as social membership.
If you could please spend 2 mins reading my personal thread LF a guild I would very much appreciate it.

If you are interested you can add me in bnet to have a further chat, Dante#2780 ! Looking forward hearing from you !

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We are still recruiting, and need more people for Battle of Dazar’alor. Boomkin/hunter/mage and healers are on top of the priority!


I recommend thies plebs

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Zek’voz M is dead and 8.1 is here - we are now actively looking for HC/Mythic raiders for Battle of Dazar’alor!


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In need of DPS for mythic progression!


Recruitment is still open for mythic, notably any DPS that excells at their class.


Recruitment still going strong :slight_smile: