[H] Nerfed At Birth - social guild recruiting


We are looking for some new guildies to join us at Nerfed At Birth. Yesterday we moved our guild over to Doomhammer from Draenor due to the issues on the server and the fact we have not been able to play since launch due to lag and queues!

So now we are looking to re-build on our new home on Doomhammer.

We are a mix of players who have been playing the game since pre-TBC. Between us, we’ve done pretty much everything in the game from arenas to mythic hardcore raiding however we are now looking for a slower pace of life!

We have no plans to raid currently but lots still running M+, LFR, Achievements runs and just generally playing/levelling.

It doesn’t matter if you have been playing for 15 years or 15 weeks - as long as you are looking for a social guild to call home that is all that matters :slightly_smiling_face:

So if you are:

  • Looking for a social guild
  • Looking for a slower pace of the game
  • Enjoy playing with other guildies whilst having a laugh

Then we may be the guild for you!

All we are looking for is a group of players with a mature approach to the game who enjoy being social with fellow guildies when they are online.

Feel free to get in touch on my battlenet inespa#21908 for a chat on joining us if you are interested.

Happy adventures

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