[H] Nethergarde Keep <Pulse> (PvE) is looking for more raiders!

Greetings, (future) Nethergardians!

<Pulse> is looking for more players to bolster our ranks on our progression team.

In <Pulse>, we pride ourselves on being a casual and inclusive community while still determined to clear all Classic content.
The majority of our members are working people with families and RL responsibilities, and as such we seek to establish a nice atmosphere, where people can relax and take a break.

Our Goals
However, despite of being created shortly after Classic’s release, we’re still a few people too short to get our own BWL (and AQ40) progression team going. As such, we invite you to take part on our journey forward, regardless of experience.
Whether returning to Classic, trying it out for the first time, or you just enjoy a casual and relaxed atmosphere, if you wish to experience unfiltered progression through the last couple of phases of Classic WoW, <Pulse> has its doors open for you!

At the moment, all classes are welcome!

Currently, we have MC, Ony, and ZG on farm; our raid times are Thursdays (19:30 ST) and Sundays (19:00 ST).
We use a mixed DKP/EPGP system for loot distribution.

Thursdays: ZG(/AQ20)
Sundays: MC/Ony

If you are looking to venture on a journey with a bunch of casual rascals, <Pulse> is the place to go!
In case you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact any member online on the realm, Nikolaj#8707, or Oombaar#2252 on Discord.

We look forward to hear from you!

Shameless bump

Players have already signed up - our doors are still open.

Join in on the adventure!

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