H < No more play > 50/50 Togc LFM For Icc

No More Play
Is a guild with an active and competitive core, our aim is to improve constantly and climb the progression ladder as much as possible. Currently looking for mindliked achievers to push for the stars.


14/14 Ulduar 25. 9/9 HM + Algalon.
5/5 (50/50) HC TogC 25.

What we offer
A competitive and focused raid environment (Achievement Runs / Glory and Hard Modes )
Helpful and friendly community with knowledgeable members, active discord

What we expect
Attendance to 90% raids, punctuality and full preparation for raids
Boss strats/Consumables/Enchants/Gems/Bis Professions
The ability to communicate during raids in English
Be able to take constructive criticism and improve

Loot distribution
Loot Council based on:

Core Raid Times
Wednesday 20:30-00:00 (ToC clear + Uld 25M )
Sunday 20:30-00:00 (Alt Raid)

Current Achievements (Earthshaker)
#1 Speed Run on release P1 night
Realm First Sartharion + 3 Drakes 25m
Realm First Flame leviathan 4 towers

Paladin Healer - High
Boomkin - High
Unholy dk - High

https://discord.gg/DgpHQSNy to make application or whisper Mostroalato - Cassamuerta - Nk - Krs - Plaguestrike to have more information

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