[H] <No Nerd No More> New Mythic raiding guild, ex-top 100

Good day to all readers of this post and possibly future guild partners.
We are a group of old friends, ex top 100, who always raided back in Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria together and we are looking to form a new guild as horde on Draenor.

We are aiming to begin in a month, slowly building up a stable team for raiding and for Mythic +

We are planning to raid casually, which means two evenings a week. We might push a little at the beginning of a new patch, but no pressure. We want to form a talkative community with no need of pugging constantly and we are aiming to kill the final boss on Mythic before the next patch.

At the moment we are looking for every class, if you want to make friends for life, if you want to stop trying to get into a PUG, if you want to kill every end boss on the highest difficulty every patch then we are going to be the right place for you.

A little more about us. We were a team of WoW players from all over Europe and were killing all main content at the highest difficulty while having a lot of fun and making a lot of lifetime friends back in Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria. We all started World of Wacraft from Classic or TBC, but came together in Cataclysm. We recently returned to the game for Dragonflight and are having a blast but are much older now and no longer have the time to commit to hardcore raiding. We are therefore looking for like-minded players who enjoy tackling difficult PvE content in a more casual and relaxed setting, with a community they can have a laugh with.

Our raid days will most likely be Wednesday evening and Sunday evening, but this can be discussed once we have a stable roster.

What we ask from you:

  • A sense of humor;
  • Interest in being an active part of a community, supporting and respecting each other.
  • Enjoy pushing difficult content with a friendly group of like-minded individuals
  • Be able to maintain 90% attendance - Motivated to perform during raid content: While we are by no means hardcore, heroic and mythic+ content still requires you to know your class, rotations and be able to be a benefit to the raid or dungeon group, which means we expect our raiders to be invested in improving their raid performance where necessary. This also means being open to reasonable criticism and not taking suggestions of improvement as an attack on you personally. We are passionate about supporting you in anyway we can and you will not be side-lined because of a bad performance but in exchange for this we ask that you also do your best to be the best player you can be and use any necessary tools to help you: addons, guides, logs etc.

If this sounds like something you are looking for please message myself or our former guild master.

You can add on battle.net through:



Need more proper players.
Adding info to the post as followed:
-Some endgame background is required as proof of people’s raid past.
-Age requirement is 26+


Bumping this thread.

Need more of the people with the characteristics mentioned.
Up it goes!

Need more of these kind of players.

Being very picky atm as we dont/wont recruit over and over.Just once and for good is the plan.
Up it goes!

Added you, let’s talk.

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Its me you added?

How can I add you when you didn’t write any contact info?..

No, I added Salaction, who then proceeded to send me one message to “Write about myself” and then logged off immediately for 2 days.

What the hell is this? What is the point of acting like this? Good luck with your recruitment, maybe change strategy.

Life is a bit busy at the moment for myself. Squidlips is the main recruiter.
Started a new job :slight_smile: Soon will be settled in and online more.

But uhm, sorry I don’t remember adding tapfoot. Most people that added me I spoke to a lot. I am sorry if we didn’t. Add me again please.

I would love to hear the plan and recruiting results sofar!
Add me on discord for a chat: Warchief#9817
Able to show former data of mythic raiding

Added you!

Goes very nice,but need more people still.
./Care the player only,dont mind ilvl/class.

LF more Healers, DPS and perhaps another OT/DPS.

Bumpy bumpy!

Up it goes
Update need healers mostly atm,aswell as specific dpsers.

Lets discuss for more.

I’d like a chat add joHn#3141

Need a few more players to complete the roster.
We only need mature/endgame experienced/30+/drama-free players.
Add Fao#21189 for a chat.

Bump for great DPS!

Just a heads up for any potential interest in this post - the management here come across as complete ******. For reference they offered me a spot but i declined based on my interaction with an “officer” Squid/Fao. Completely rude and 100% not what was advertised. Hence my refusal to accept a spot post offer - Happy to provide dialogue screenshots on request