[H] <No Quarter> - Seeking RDps for Heroic Raiding

(Sás) #1
No Quarter is a group of raiders who have either burned out on or otherwise lost interest in mythic raiding. Our focus for BFA is heroic and normal raids, M+ progress and stress free fun!

We're now looking for ranged DPS to help us get a better composition for our raid team. We regularly field a team of 15-20, but are a bit melee heavy.

We're especially interested in Shaman, Mage, Warlock and Druid rdps.

Social 'fit' is more important to us than skill. New players are welcome, we're mostly UK based with a few international members. There are no cliques and you won't be left out.

If you would like to join up and see what we're about, please contact one of the people below or "/who No Quarter" and whisper whoever is on for a point of contact.


Thank you for reading and happy raiding!

(Aquelarre) #2
Hey there. What are your raid times and days?

(Crúnchie) #3

Our raid days are Wednesday at 20:30 Server Time and Monday at 21:00 Server Time.

Hope this helps!

(Gatling) #4

Hi there. Do you have room for socials?