[H] Noggenfogger - pvp | new hardcore guild | recruiting for tbc

is a newly formed hardcore raiding guild, aiming to be a top 100 guild in the world.

We are currently recruiting officers, experienced raid leaders and ambitious raiders.

Our Leadership while all having varying levels of TBC experience, have spent years on both retail and private servers managing and leading their own guilds as well as performing and competing on the highest level and have the necessary skill to make this guild successful.
Additionally, Leadership expects our Trials to understand that they must go beyond the basic levels of readiness for raiding.

Raid Times
Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 19:00-23:00 CET(+1)

Loot Distribution
Transparent Loot Council

Trial Expectations
-Ready for raiding in our first week
-Working microphone
-Knowledge of your Class and Spec(s)
-Fully enchanted and optimised gear and professions
-90% Attendance
-Respect amongst peers
-Be active!

Guild Values
-Friendly, but competitive environment
-Years of experience
-Sweat where it’s necessary, but not spending insane amounts of time or gold for marginal gains

Application Process
Contact us on discord Pantera#4443

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