[H - Noggenfogger] Weekend Raiding Guild: Malevolence Reincarnate

Malevolence (Re)Incarnate

More about us

We are a small, compact and active group of players - many of whom played together in vanilla and together achieved several horde & server firsts. Our current raid roster is not much bigger than 40, and we’re often clearing MC with less than that. We are now looking to fill the ranks up so that we consistently have a full raid, and develop our core raid team to be future-content ready, while trying to minimise benching people.

Our raids

We raid on weekends as many have work & other responsibilities during the week. Officially our raid times are (server time):
Sat 4:30pm – 7 pm
Sun 5 pm – 9 pm

However, with the content on farm, we currently only use the Sunday raid session as it’s enough; we will bring back Sat raids closer to the launch of BWL. There are optional weekday Onyxia raids if the reset window permits it (lockout doesn’t clash with Sunday raid).

We will always maintain only one raid team.


We don’t use a DKP or LC loot system, but a “priority” system that was developed by the WoW guild Onslaught (easily found on Google - but I’m happy to explain the system over DM if it seems a bit complicated). Members assign their own priorities to gear and we feel that it’s more transparency and not centred around just earning, hoarding & spending points.

Looking for?

We’re a friendly & helpful bunch and would always be happy to hear from all classes & specs. Right now we would be particularly interested in speaking to any Resto Druids & Warlocks - too many epics getting disenchanted!

If this sounds like the kind of guild you can resonate with then contact any of the officers in-game (Mordaine, Gina, Orlene, Tkaya, Yellowstone) for a chat.

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