[H] <Nom Nom Nom> Recruiting a healer and warrior [Mythic]

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Greetings, we are Nom Nom Nom [H].


We are an EU horde guild on the Deathwing realm, connected with the Maelstrom, Karazhan and Lightning’s Blade realms. Due to the majority of the guild being 30 years old or more with work and/or family related obligations we raid 2 days per week. In the previous tier (Uldir), we killed heroic G’huun one month after the release of the raid and then downed a couple of mythic bosses and did tries to some more.

We are also very active in the M+ department, constantly running 10+ keys for our mains and helping with smaller keys for alts. Finally, in regards to PvP, there are several 2v2 and 3v3 teams, and also there is a scheduled day for RBG’s if there is enough interest for them.


Our biggest restriction in mythic was our small team, however we managed to kill two bosses with only 19 people, and thus learning from our mistakes we are trying to expand our roster for Siege of Dazar’alor. For this reason, we are looking for new players to join our guild, mainly ranged DPS, but every player will be considered.

We want to invest on good players since we believe that eventually everyone can settle with a class she/he feels comfortable with and gear is just easy to come by. Our motto is bring the player, not the class.

Nom Nom Nom is also an alt-friendy guild, we encourage and help our members level and gear their alts, since a more diverse roster of classes is always helpful to a raid team.

Keep in mind that although our recruitment is tailored around raiding, people who want to focus only on M+ are also welcome. We are currently looking for tanks (with damage offspec) for M+. Finally, you are welcome to bring your friends over to join us as casuals as long as they wont cause any trouble. They can even join our alt runs!

Our goals

Our primary goal each tier is to clear the heroic version of the raid. If we do this fast, then we have time to dabble with Mythic. For that reason we want to maintain a healthy pool of players to run heroic with, and within it a permanent 20 man raiding team for our mythic attempts.

We try to maintain a healthy and stress-free environment for our members and have done it well so far. We try to solve our problems as the adults we are. We follow the one strike and you are out policy regarding drama. Especially drama over loot. Whining about not getting a piece of loot is the fastest way to get the boot.

Our schedule

We raid every Wednesday and Sunday, from 20:00 to 23:00 server time. We might extend a raid for 15-20’ with a vote, but no more.

Apart from the raids, there is also an optional RBG team happening every Monday from 20:00 to 23:00 server time. Also, we sometimes organize optional alt runs, usually in the weekends.

Its important to note that since most of us work during the day, the highest activity in the guild occurs during the evening and early night.

Our requirements

Since we are only raiding two nights, it is important for our members to be able to attend both. We wont punish you if you miss a raid, life happens, but we need you to inform us well in advance.

We require from our members good verbal and writing English skills. We communicate through our discord server and we need you to at least to be able to log in and listen to the raid leader.

We have a strong sense of humor as a group and thus we want you to be able to take a joke like a man. Apart from these, all we want is a chill attitude from you.

So, to sum up:

  • Attending 2 raid nights per week
  • Good verbal and writing English skills
  • Strong sense of humor and chill attitude

What to expect from us

In regards to raiding, as long as your sign ups are on time, you can always expect a raid spot in our heroic raids. In our mythic raids we will try to do a fair rotation of players if we are above 20 online.

As a trial you will have the same opportunities as a member for a raid spot and gear. We will never force you to trade your loot away.

For M+, we will always try to help our members do at least a 10+ for the weekly chest, as long as they put some effort into it. Finally we will always try to help people who ask for advice regarding their class. We will study their logs with them and direct them to guides or to more experienced players.

Some words about us

We, the officer team, are a group of friends who are playing the game since Vanilla and TBC. We’ve been members of various hardcore and casual guilds throughout the years and with 14 years of experience on our back we feel confident in managing our guild and our raids. Many of our members also have experience as GMs or officers in previous expansions. The majority of our team has been together since the launch of BFA and we have bonded with great success as players and as individuals.

Contact information

You can find us on our discord at:

  • discord (dot) gg /9UdGRra

or you can contact us in game by adding either (or both):

  • kokiritswow#2878

  • kowalski#2668

See you in game,

(Soulsin) #2

For the remaining of Uldir and more importantly for the Siege of Dazar’alor we are looking for the following:

  • warlock
  • mage
  • hunter
  • balance druid

and a shaman, either elemental with resto offspec or resto with elemental offspec.

(Soulsin) #3

We have updated our recruitment post for the upcoming tier.

(Soulsin) #4

New update, we are still looking for the following classes:

  1. DPS DK who has blood offspec
  2. balance druid
  3. elemental shaman who has resto offspec

but as always, we will take into consideration anyone interesting in joining us.

We are currently planing our christmas break so anyone willing to join us can have an opportunity to adjust, run some M+ with us and get to know our members. Raiding will resume in the new year.


Christmas break is over and we are back on raiding starting next reset. It will be 2-3 weeks of relaxed raiding, getting to readjust after the break, hunting some achievments etc.

It will also be a perfect time for new recruits to get to know the team and be ready to go head on in the new raid. We are still looking for new members with a preference to the following classes:

  1. DPS DK with tank offspec
  2. rogue
  3. hunter
  4. balance druid with resto offspec
  5. elemental shaman with resto offspec
  6. warlock

the best way to find is by contacting us on our discord server discord.gg/tyKjsZ


Nom Nom Nom has started progressing through Battle for Dazaralor. We cleared 7/9 on normal this week and then gave up on the blockade since it’s currently bugged. We moved to heroic and cleared the first 3 bosses before running out of raiding time.

Recruitment is open as always. We are looking for skilled and mature players to play with us this tier with a slight priority on melee classes.

We are currently want:

  • A rogue
  • A dps dk with tanking offspec
  • A warrior

but as always everyone is welcome to apply.


Do you still recruiting ?

(Gorshalach) #8

This now is my main btw.


@Gorshalach Hey, thanks for your message, I think you’ve already talked with our gm.

An update on our progress. We killed Jaina on hc last reset and got our curve, making us the 4th horde guild in the server to do so. We are now trying to refine our roster for mythic. We are raising the ante and are now looking for exceptional players who can fill gaps in our setup. For that reason we’re looking for:

A dps DK
An elemental shaman with resto offspec
A holy paladin
A warlock
A resto druid with balance offspec

You can find our contact info on the original post, or just message us here.


As of today, recruitment is put on hold. We have reached a critical number of players and we cannot recruit more without having to bench a lot of them. Exceptional applicants can still contact us, but we cannot promise anything right now.

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Nom Nom Nom is recruiting again. We are currently looking for one of the following healers:

  • A holy paladin with either DPS or tank offspec
  • A resto shaman with DPS offspec
  • A mistweaver monk with either DPS or tank offspec

In addition we are looking for a:

  • DPS warrior with tank offspec

Some info on our progress, we finished hc BoD as rank 4 horde on the realm and now are progressing on Mythic Opulence.

Contact information

You can find us on our discord at:
discord (dot) gg /9UdGRra

or you can contact us in game by adding either (or both):

See you in game,

(Soulsin) #12

adding dps demon hunter to the list

Also an update on our progress, Opulence is down and now Nom Nom Nom is progressing on Mythic conclave.