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Stronger Together

Horde Guild

:house: Who Are we
We are friendly active grown ups spending too much time on a 15 year old game that we love. We are open minded and love to share information by either teaching new trick or learning new stuff. And would like to bring anyone who wants it to any raid and make sure that he is able to contribute.

:compass: Our Goals
Building the friendliest raiding environment where we can welcome every one. Our first goal is to build a strong core able to raid ZG and AQ20, and build up from there.

:crossed_swords: Raiding environment
Currently working with other guilds to raid once a week on MC. BWL in discution, and I hope very soon we will be able to go back in, some of us have done it and know how to organise it, we need you to help us kill Nefarian again.

:mag: Who are we looking for
Any class, any spec, you are all welcome. Pref 50+.

:telephone: Contact us
Contact us in game on Longhorn, Zoac, or Caoz.
Or join us on discord : 4HcjtMb

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