[H] <Ogre Achievers> are recruiting!

We’re a new two day raiding Guild (Thurs/Sun 19:30-23:00) looking for more players to form our 25 man team. We have an experienced core (17/17 in both vanilla and classic), some of whom have played together for over a decade. We’re looking to complete all raids and raiding achievements in WOTLK in a competitive manner.

Many of us are keen PvPers for arena/BGs, and we also accept social players too that just want to join for the occasional raid.

We’re currently recruiting:

Druid - Feral or Boomkin
Mage - Arcane & Fire
Paladin - Retribution
Priest - Shadow
Rogue - Assassination
Shaman - Elemental or Enhance
Warlock - Demo

As with everything, the attitude and personality of the player far outweighs the ‘class’ we’re looking for. If you feel you’re a decent player and nice person in a spec not listed above, please do still get in touch.

Thanks for your time and you can reach myself or Liesje in-game. Peace!

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