[H] old veteran looking for a guild

Hi, I'm an older dedicated healer looking for people to heal and generally have a good time with.

I used to be pretty hardcore during the Vanilla & TBC era, and since then I tend to come back for a few months every expansion. These days I'm pretty casual, chill and patient. I like helping others but since I don't know anybody online anymore, I would love to make new friends.

For those few Sunstrider veterans, I used to be a moderator on sunstrider.net as the Troll Priest Esa. I've been in various guilds such as Cracked Sash Inc, Fatality, Grim Guzzlers, The League, Aphorism and Paradigm Shift.
I don't know if this is still relevant.
But i am in a nice guild that raids a couple days a week, currently clearing heroic.
And, we are looking for more members, If you like some more info.
Please let me know
We would like to sign you in Haters-Sunstrider.

Let me know what you think!

BT: Drolle#2355