(H)orde Rock Cafe 3/8M 8/8HC

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Hi all,

Update: 8/8 Heroic and 3/8 Mythic

Horde Rock Cafe (HRC) is currently recruiting all classes and specs for the core raid group. Aiming to just be a casual, two-ish day a week heroic raiding guild. Our current members are all long time players who have been together since TBC.

We are looking for more players to bolster the ranks.

Honestly not fussed what your level is, gear is or what your past experience is, we've taught people much harder content. All that matters is that you have a personality that gels well with ours.

We are all adults, I think the youngest player may be 23/24, so there is a certain level of maturity expected and also the implication that if you cant handle adult themes and a little swearing, you'll be better served elsewhere.

If you're interested, whisper me or add my battletag, chikentonite#2474

Raid days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, with an optional day on Sundays for Alts/RBGS/other social events.

Raid times will be from 19:30 server time to 22:30/23:00 server time.

Loot is somewhat controversial, but, if you get loot you keep it, you will never be asked to trade it away unless its something you do not need.

Look forward to speaking to you all!


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Bump :)

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now 3/8 heroic.

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Hey there,

Just added your tag - Brine#2964 here

I would be very interested in a chat - Vanilla, TBC player here returned for Pandaria/Draenor and now again BFA. Experience leading a vanilla guild and 'officer' in guilds thereafter, HC level most recently with a toe dip in Mythic raiding.

This time I have managed to convince some real life friends to join - mixed WoW experience levels all 27-30 friendly folk, not adverse to some light swearing and casual adult themes!

I have been getting them upto scratch in Mythic Dungeons / M+ and we are now all geared to raid, some of them are calling for us to realm move (a must, we are all scattered) and form a guild. I personally have been trawling realm forums, looking for some mature folk on a similar wavelength for us to form up with. You guys sound just what I've been after!

Look forward to a chat.


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Bump :D

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Hi, I've just sent a friend request Subfocus#2532

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Get in boys

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Now at 7/8 heroic. only wormy boy left. Still need more sacrifices/raiders.

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Started Mythic, recruiting dps for further progress.

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Bumping for more bodies to hit the floor.

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Mother down with only 18 players.

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Heya! I've just sent you a friend request on bnet NoodleBeer#2664
Looking forward to get in contact and maybe get a guild invite :D


Currently recruiting any class for the upcomming tier - add chikentonite#2474 or Xtm#21987 for any questions