[H] Orgrimmar MC Social guild looking to boost numbers for M+ and N raiding

Hello and good day, currently we are a new guild looking to bolster our ranks in preperation for the upcoming 9.1 content patch
We hope to gather a strong, social core of players to run regualr M+, both pushing keys, as well as people to run lower ones, either for alt gearing, helping newer players, teaching mechanics, or simply for more relaxed runs. We currently pug our raids on Friday night and would hope to add a second raid day once we establish our own core of players.

Outside of the above content we also look for people who are active in the guild or its discord, whether that’s planning/attending guild events, playing other games, or simply hanging out. We hope to have an enjoyable time beyond simply logging in to do a weekly +15 and raid.

If you would like to join please feel free to message me in game, or through discord(Grekel#2814).
We’d love to have you, and hope to see you in game

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