(H) Outlaws Torn is recruiting <CLOSED>


Thank you for taking the time to read the first ever guild recruitment post on Flamelash

Folks listen up!

Outlaws Torn from Emerald Dream EU is and will be recruiting to give us a presence on Classic.

We have been a guild since Vanilla and are a guild right now doing mythic raids in BFA.

We have had numerous wins such as HotT in WTLK and we have always been one of the top horde guilds on our realm.

We are also pretty laid back about stuff. If you’re drunk on a Sat night talking **** and wanting the 20 people on to come to Stormwind to start something we will join you (once we get a beer on the zep )

If you just want somewhere to play with pals and not raid then we are also for you. We would just ask that you respect the main raiders spots if you do want to raid.

Want to know what we are like?

https :// www. youtube .com/ watch?v=uN6oxei_zNc

That was the guild in back in Vanilla and we want you to help make the next one : )

We raid twice a week, sometimes three on a common-sense basis. We know people have lives and jobs, so we ask that you let us know when you can’t come in as much notice as possible and when you do come. You bring knowledge of the fight from experience or guides, pots, appropriate gear… you get the hint…

If you say you can’t raid for three weeks due to work we won’t mind

If you say you will come, turn up barely on time with no buffs and stand in **** you will be kicked.

The first meeting will be the signing if you’re accepted on the Wednesday Classic is released.

All classes are now open and so far there is a between 10-20 of us so we are fully accepting all applicants.

Add me on Forsaken#2111 or talk to me in game (Claitraith is my name) or any of the officers and we can discuss an invite.

We look forward to you

UPDATE AS OF 24/10/2019

All roles are currently closed, we have a fantastic raid group currently clearing MC and Ony.

If you feel, however that you have some exceptional to offer then please get in touch with me.


Bump I am opening up again with particular interest from shammys, hunters, druids and warriors.

That being said I am keen to hear from anyone who believes they can add to our roster.


Bump for recruitment