(H) <Outlaws Torn> Recruiting

Hello there, classic people!

I’m the leader of Outlaws Torn and we’re probably recruiting for more people in our classic guild to make raiding the 40-player raids a bit easier.

We’re a guild which has been around since the actual start of WoW and are still active and playing together today in retail (Emerald Dream), but of course enjoying Classic on Flamelash while we can. With that said, we’ve already done all these raids before and just look forward to a renewed sense of progress and huge teamwork.

What do we need? Well, I personally don’t care too much about specifics and believe we don’t need to min-max anything to get these raids cleared as they’re not exactly the most difficult thing in the world, we just believe in taking in cool players who know what they’re doing and have a sense of humour. One of our officers will follow up on this post with class and role specifics to update frequently.

A little more about us:
-We speak english in guild chat although we have members from all over the world and don’t mind a conversation every now and then in whatever.
-We like to keep friends and family together.
-We generally allow people’s humour to run freely and have an accepting gchat, with very few exceptions for what wanders into the unacceptable.
-We don’t expect anyone to attend 100% of anything as life is infinitely more important than video games, although we strive to maintain raids and events which we all enjoy and want to attend.
-We don’t like gnomes.
-We aim to help build a Horde that will dominate our server, coming from a server in retail which for many years was dominated by an overwhelming Alliance population, we made them fear us when they came and led armies of Horde raid teams to crush them into place.

If you’re interested, open-minded, like good music and a good/terrible joke, you can contact me (Claitraith), Rocknroll or anyone online to ask more.

Cheers, happy hunting!

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Going well so far but we’re still open to new, strong and charismatic members!

Bump, we are always looking for skilled folk to join our ranks
We are fully cleared on Molten Core with it now down to a few hours
Ony is on farm
We have also become one of the first guilds on the server to batter the faction leaders.

Speak to one of the officers in guild for more information.