[H] <Outzydaz> 10/10HC + 4/10M SoD LF raiders!

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About us:
We are a group of friends who, after raiding with each other for a while, thought there was a better way to do things. And so this guild was born. Currently we are still in the progress of forming a team for Mythic content in 9.1 and onward. But we are not rushing it, like so many other guilds have done. We believe in quality over quantity, and therefore will try our best to avoid it as much as we can.

Wednesdays & Thursdays 8-11PM
We are only interrested in players that can commit to these days!

Apart from the standard stuff, like knowing your class/being prepared/paying attention etc etc, we are looking for people who understand that building a guild takes time. And rushing it while throwing out bandaid solutions left and right will only get you so far.
Our main goal is to improve in any shape or form. And we are looking for like minded people.

What we plan to offer:
Fairness/Team effort/ AotC AND CE experienced players/Honesty & a guild that tries to look ahead as much as possible.

Xpir Bnet: OutZydaz#2194 Discord: Outzy#2141

Exceptional players of any spec will always be considered.

Socials are always welcome.


Just a little update.
A couple of members already have ( and had for a while now ) AotC for CN which includes the founding members. Some of which also have 1 to 3 Mythic kills in CN.
We did our 1st guild run on 26-05 on Normal, and did a full clear.
This has been our first week as a new raiding guild! :slight_smile:

Almost 3 weeks in and we are currently sitting at 34 unique lvl 60s. Which means we in the near future we will slowly transition into being a bit more picky in what classes we are looking for.

Almost week 5 done, and 10/10hc with 44 unique lvl 60 members. Still doing Wednesdays + Thursdays raids. So at the moment we are mostly interested in people who can make both raid days in order to create a steady core for 9.1 and onwards.

Right now we have 60+ unique lvl 60 members.
Please Check Wowprogress for the classes we are interrested in.

Right now we are looking for looking for 1 or 2 healers with a dps offspec that can make both raiding days!

Also, slowly closing on on 70 unique members. And since it’s reset day, we are expecting to be higher then 3/10 Heroic after tonight.

Check Wowprogress for all the classes we are interrested in.

Well over 70 unique members.
Did 1 Mythic boss today (Wednesday) + 5 Heroic bosses after.
We are still open for players that can make both raiding days + are geared for atleast Heroic ( prefer arround 230 ilvl ).

Again thank you so much for that “lovely” whisper you sent after being declined.
Always nice to have confirmation that we made the right choice. :wink:

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Hit the wall called Fatescribe, but still trying to push forward.
Right now we are still most interrested in players that can make both raid days consistantly.
Mostly Healers and Rdps who are capable of playing multiple specs. We are looking at creating a bit more flexability. Seeing as how we have enough One-Spec-Ponys already :slight_smile: .
Coming weeks we wil be putting our focus on a full clear. Since that has already taken a bit long ( which for a fairly new guild is to be expected tbh ) to achieve. After which our main interrest will be in Mythic quality raiders. Which could mean we wil have a bit more spots up for grabs, due to the focus being a bit more performance based.

Small update 2 days after last post.
Not only did we break the Fatescribe wall. We killed 8 bosses in 3 hrs.
So, apart from the Fatescribe part of the previous post, not much has changed in our search & goals.
After this evening we should be atleast 9/10hc.

Sylvanas went down. So officially we are 10/10hc guild ( no pugs were used or abused for this achievement ).
Looking for Druids. Resto and/or Balance. 230+ minimum

2 weeks after killing Sylvanas we are still killing her. We went from a 12m Sylvanas grp → 15m → 20m. Which would make her ‘officially’ on farm.
This means we are shifting focus away from Heroic.
Which means that the ilvl requirement is going up for new recruits ( looking for the 240 ilvl range ) & also having a set bonus is a must. Also being 10/10Hc atleast will get our spidey sense tingling, in a good way obviously :slight_smile:

Balance Druids
Holy paladin
Windwalker Monk

Still killing KT + Sylvanas on a weekly basis including 3 Mythic bosses ( Vault ftw + no silly lockouts ). So clearly now the focus for our newish guild is more on Mythic & there for our interrests are in those that atleast have AotC. The ilvl range we are looking for remains the same 240+ with set bonus.
Currently on the lookout for:

Balance Druids
Windwalker Monk

Also with the roster still growing it would be nice if new applicants understand the meaning of being standby, specially what it means for the guild you raid with. :slight_smile:

4/10M as of yesterday.
Added a social/returning player/alt run for the Sundays.
And because of that we lowered the ilvl requirement to 230+
For obvious reasons not all applicants will get a instant Trial.
With that being said we do have more then enough room in the guild for ppl that are looking for a home. Those that are undergeared might be able to join the team in the future & those that are geared a whole lot sooner.

For now the most interresting classes for us remain the same. But due to the extra Sunday raid we have opened recruitement for all classes and specs.

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