[H] "Pain and Pleasure" seeks new players!


Hello everyone!

We transferred here from a low pop realm to start a new guild from scratch.
Ingame: We are all players that have been members of the WoW community for over 10 years and we love helping others level up and gear up.
IRL: We all have families so we respect the IRL aspect of our members. You will be in a mature and adult environment where fun blooms (also comic sarcasm and black humor).

So new players in WoW, you are all welcome to join us!

Our goal is to have a solid raid group to tackle the new 8.1 raid.
Our most recent achievement is Ahead of the Curve on Uldir.

Please feel free to contact us on Battle . Net

  • Sephblades#2283
  • Artemis#2586


Our raiding days ,are Monday,Wednesday and Friday ,starting at 8:00 pm.
Feel free to contact with us for any questions you may have.
We love WOW,and we like to do also,old raids,achievment runs,or just have fun with our in game friends.



We are currently only looking for:
DPS - DH, DK, Shadow, Mage and Warlocks
Heal - Priest and/or Paladin

Min ilvl 340. We will gear you up.



We are in need of a few DPSers to complete our Raid buffs:

  • Warrior
  • Mage
  • DK

Ofc other classea are more than welcome to join us :slight_smile:

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