[H]Paladin LF 2 days CE Guild

(Holystephan) #1

Hi, my name is HolyStephan and i’ve been raiding since HFC ,and at Cutting edge since EN>Nightold.

As a raider i do tri-spec(got CE with each spec) and i perform mostly on mechanics side(if you need a really good player on that front i’m perfect il lack at the start in dps until i figure how to perform optimally). Have also raid-leaded until tomb.

I am currently looking for a stable guild since i cannot sustain 3 days raiding anymore and i have to leave my lovely guild behind cause i want to raid as much as possible in the 2 days i can commit. I have extremely good attendance.

What i am looking for is a guild that ideally(not necesarrily) has cutting edge on at least the last 3 raid tiers and is raiding 2 days. The days can be any time of the week.Also i do not care for the realm i can move my character if i feel the guild is good.

If your guild is 8/9 or generally not getting cutting edge (in the last tiers not improving aswell) i am not that interested since i have already progressed my way from heroic to mythic to cutting edge to guaranteed cutting edge. At most i am fine with guilds that show they are improving towards getting ce.

Any questions related to anything just add me on Blood#2924.
Hopefully i can fiind a new home.