(H) <Paradigm> Raid & M+ Keys Guild LF Players

We are a small but friendly, casual guild. We are currently raiding normal and hc Uldir and running mythic keys on the weekends. We find that having a smaller group/team allows for a better environment where everyone feels involved and included.

Our raid environment is quite relaxed, we understand that some people just don't have enough time to commit to a busy raid schedule every week and we don't force this on anyone.

The main progress raiders are 6/8 on hc, 1/8 mythic and full cleared on normal.

We are currently gearing some of our newer players and alts and the current raid group progress is 6/8 normal and 4/8 hc (after 1 week of raiding). We are currently concentrating on the normal clear then farm before moving onto regular hc.

We currently raid on Sunday and Tuesday.

We are looking for 2-3 players to join us, we want fun, social people who will fit in, progress and grow with the guild. All classes are welcome and we can be quite flexible in our raid setup.

We see the current Uldir raid as a stepping stone to get everyone geared and playing together as a good unit with a view to then doing well in the new raid when 8.1 hits.

If you are interested in joining us, feel free to drop me a message here or in game, you can always contact anyone who is online and have a chat with them.


Progress: Normal is on alt clear/farm. HC we are 6/8 and progressing.

Raid team is now 15 strong, although we still want more dps players to join us, especially if you are a hunter, rogue, enhance shammy or DK main.

All players are welcome to join if they are interested even if you don't fit the class profile above, as i said in my original post, we are quite flexible in our set up and some of our members are happy to switch class/spec to accommodate other good players.