[H] Pattern is Recruiting

<Pattern> ASHBRINGER EU PvP - HORDE is recruiting!

Semi-HC Raiding & PvP guild, made by skilled and experienced ex retail hardcore(most with 15+ years exp), Private server and Ashbringer Classic players.

Our goal in PvE is to raid two times per week, and as a stable and efficient team of players to achieve highest possible ranking and achievements in consideration of our raiding time. Full consumables, maximum focus and commitment is required. We are also doing speedruns to better rank our community.

We are PvP active as well - having PvP rank for skilled players, doing Premade BGs and fighting in arenas.

And most of all, our aim is to have fun while playing together.

Raiding days and time:
Wednesday & Sunday
Raid invites @ 19:30 CET(Server Time)
Raid starts @ 20:00 CET(Server Time)
Duration is up to 4 hours

(Currently clearing everything with Main raid on Wednesday and setting up Alt/Social raid on Sunday)

Loot system:
/roll/LC system with Penalties-Rewards and Priorities.
Priority order: Rank Priority(Attendance required) → Personal BIS list priority → Performance priority → Set Bonus Priority.
(Exception to the rules, Legendary items will be 100% LC by leadership in consideration of the effort and performance of the players)
More information regarding our sophisticated but yet easy to use and optimized loot system can be found on our website.

Opened PvE Positions:
Shaman: Ele / OS Resto
Druid: Balance/OS Resto
Paladin: Prot/OS Holy.

recruiting also Socials and PvPers for our Alt/Social Raid.

For more information, reach out to me on discord or visit our website and apply: pattern(dot)shivtr(dot)com or /w in game (Gotcha).

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