[H] Perseverance is looking for members!

Hello Friends!

A couple of years ago I have jumped from guild to guild to make sure I find the optimal place for my needs in World of Warcraft. Even though I’m certain there are some insanely good guilds out there, for some reason I was unable to find the sweet spot and therefore I have decided to form my own, Perseverance.

Perseverance is a brand new guild - just a few members - which focuses on PvP content while maintaining the needs of those who prefer to PvE. As WoW is designed to be a social game, the guild also provides a place for those who are interested in connecting with others on the global scale regardless of their preferred playstyle or routine. The goal of this guild is to provide a peaceful and welcoming place to anybody who would like to enjoy World of Warcraft on a not-too-competitive basis and would much rather just enjoy the game on their terms while remaining social and being helpful to others. There are other things that are in the works as well, such as fun little social events, the branding of the guild itself (those who join will likely get a personalized Twitter and/or Twitch graphics).

Other than being able to communicate in English, there are no requirements to join the guild. A working microphone would be nice however as I have already set up a Discord server which will serve as the main communication platform.

If you wish to join, you are absolutely free to add me on Discord FlameAngel#1993, alternatively you should be able to find us in the Guild Finder if your filter settings are set to “PvP” (and English) and “Small” (as the guild size).

Thank you guys,
Stay safe and see you around!

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