[H] Pipe Dream - LF New Members

“A ‘pipe dream’ is an unrealistic hope or fantasy.“

E.g Sounds like it’s time to call the guys and start the guild up again, Am i right?

Welcome to another guild recruitment post, I know how it feels, i have been there… Long messages, filled with hope, desire, excitement and a sprinkling of a GM being desperate. But hey… You are here now, So pull up a chair and let us try and persuade you.

Who are we??

Let’s be truthful from the start, this is not our first attempt of creating a guild. 7 years of hope, excitement, epic moments and broken hearts are what lay behind the otherwise normal guild exterior. In that time many of the members have changed and lots of our veteran players have moved on, we have had drama, we have achieved great things and when it all stopped after Uldir, i told myself that never again will i grace the world of leading in world of warcraft.

Then it all changed… what once was left as a pipe dream began to surface once more.

Conversations were had with old guildies, late night daily sessions in Najatar were fueled by old war stories of moments passed and we fell into the trap of nostalgia, which lead to us reminiscing again and again. How could we be better? How could we not make the same mistakes again? What actually is the meaning of life?

Fast forward to 8.2 and the release of the eternal palace, the catalyst to the resurrection of a guild thought to be buried forever.

What’s our aim? What makes us different?

In all honesty on the outside we are just another raiding guild trying to reach the highest points that our team allows us to get to. We want to down bosses… We want to see the end game and be competitive enough to do anything in wow we desire, whilst of course creating a foundation in which relationships can blossom and enjoyment can be found in a game that has already given us so many memories.

In the interest of you maybe being bored by this point let us give you a TLDR version of what we offer and what we are looking to achieve, displayed nicely in an old fashioned bullet point format.


  • Guild is unique in this aspect as although we have a GM, all guild decisions are voted on by a group of five people consisting of 4 officers and 1 GM. We think this is a fresh approach to guild leadership and allows us to get multiple points of view from different wow backgrounds, all focusing on the same goal. (But of course if your looking for a punching bag, look no further than the GM)

Social Aspect:

  • Having an active player base in the guild is paramount to us. We fully believe that being social offers up just as much if not more than just being a solid raiding guild. Because of this we are looking for people who want to contribute in more ways than just turning up to raid and we have made a discord page for everyone to communicate outside of being in the game.
  • In the past we have spam invited people and left raiding gated behind and application, even though this did find us some amazing players it also attracted the wrong type of person into the guild. This time we are going for quality over quantity. Using the normal methods of attracting talent and going for a slow growth with the hopes of a more stable foundation in the future.
  • Oh and we are all about paying for your repairs, offering up flasks, potions, food etc etc etc… Bribery really.

Raiding/Mythic +:

  • Due to us being completely fresh and only starting with a small amount of people, for now we will just be aiming to tackle raiding up to a heroic level. If numbers improve in the future then of course we shall talk about the idea of mythic raiding. This is something we are not planning for now and want to be organic in growth if it ever does happen.
  • Raid days will be Wednesday (8:30 server time to 11:30 server time) and Sunday (from 7 server time to 10 server time) We believe this gives us a nice amount of time between raid days, makes it easy for those who work often and do not have every evening to raid and leaves the party nights of friday and saturday free for you to try and see what the real world is like.
  • Again due to low numbers and just starting out again, we will be pugging on those days as we build our team. The pug raids will be lead by ourselves and will be enforced thoroughly to make them as efficient as possible.
  • More raid rules, loot system etc will of course be discussed when joining and made clear before anything else. All of which will be outlined in our raid team application.
  • Mythic + is really where the leaders of the guild find the real challenge, keys will be ran a lot during the week and will be offered out to guildies also. We encourage those who love mythic + to join us and help build a community of high performing dungeon crawlers.

So yeah, That TLDR dragged on a little but i feel you get the picture.

Want to know more? Then add any of the battle tags you see below and we shall have a chat.

OR if your feeling fruity then why not fill out our application form straight away and we will contact you from there. All found below.

Craftyz#2107 - GM

Application form:

//forms. gle/eGx5HqGQ7hWTGQJ19)

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Spread the word.

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