[H] <Prophecy of Hellscream> are recruiting for our raid team!


< Prophecy of Hellscream >, one of the leading Horde raiding guildes are currently recruiting most roles and classes to bolster our roster whilst we head into Blackwing Lair. We are currently clearing all content in one raid night and are gearing up for Blackwing Lair – as such, we need you.

A guild boasting years of end-game raiding experience leading back to Vanilla but not neglecting that we all now have lives outside of WoW.

With 5 mans running regularly throughout the day and UBRS runs of an evening, we have been spending plenty of time gearing up our fellow guildies, alts, farming Molten Core and now seek some external team members to join us for good and take us to the next level in prep for BWL.

Raid days: Weds, Thurs, Sun (8pm-11pm server time).

We are currently recruiting:

Currently accepting applications for all roles.

Alternatively, if you are someone who feels you are more of a social raider and can’t commit to three days a week - we would still love to give you a home and will happily let you slot into raids as and when it mirrors up for both us and you.

For more info, I would love to chat to you so please shoot me a DM or whisper Moistcarrot/Tragalix/Ooshga/Necroscope/Azguard in game.

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Really great bunch! Best raid team I’ve had the pleasure of being part of in Classic! :raised_hands:

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Hey guys, My names Outmode/Delam and I’m a tank/resto sham for PoH
I led my own guild before we merged with PoH and It was the best decision we could have made.
Everyone in PoH is very friendly and always willing to help, myself included :slight_smile: If you’re looking for either raiding or social banter, this is the guild for you.

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Hi there. I’m looking for a guild but am a shadow priest. Got nearly all my best in slot and maxed all profs up. Do you have any space at all? Thanks :slight_smile:

We can definitely fit you in. Please nudge sam.kerins10#7909 on Discord for a chat!


We are almost at the point where we run full Guild and as such recruiting for our final dps raid spots, In particular Warlocks.
Adding to what Moist and Outmode have already said we really are a good bunch, always ready to help with attunement and pre-raid bis farm.
Lower levels are also very welcome, we have a wide range of levels and there is always some dungeon spam occurring.
But don’t just take our word for it, just read the following testimonials !

Jackie from Milton Keynes wrote:
“I lost 20 lbs with POH in just 2 weeks ! and I didn’t have to give up my favorite foods, Thank You POH”

I P Freely from London wrote:
It is a real comfort to know POH will take care of my funeral costs when I pass on, and it was so easy! No medical check! just a few easy questions and I was covered, Thank you POH"

So there you have it, give as a try and we will invest our time in you.
“Fulfill the prophecy”

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Bump, new class requirements! We are now officially no longer PUG’ing our raids and require the last couple of people to fill out our raid roster.

Hey, level 60 hunter here. I’m pretty decently geared. got my MC attunement, just about to finish my Ony one. looking for a new guild where i can actively raid. I have skinning and leatherworking for professions, Tribal Leatherworking, I have both devilsaur leggings and gloves and the pattern for Hide of The Wild :slight_smile:

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Hey there, we would love to have you. Please nudge me on Discord: sam.kerins10#7909

bump. Still looking for more to fill the last spots

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Ooshga here, an officer in PoH and self appointed “guild diplomat” Any questions you want to ask about the guild and its policies, feel free to /w me up in game. Im online mostly in the evening on the weekends.

Also… bump!

Bump! The team is almost complete and going forward will definitely do very well, good people and relaxed raiding, contact any POH officer for more details.

Bump for the last couple of classes!

Bump for the last couple of classes!

Friendly bump

Hope you’re enjoying the healing Moist - Need any flasks let me know :wink:

Thank you Obeahmon! We will definitely shout you.

Updated bump for final class requirements, last night we cleared MC & Ony in 3 hours so we are currently clearing all content in one raid night - bring on BWL!

Recruitment is open For one Warlock that can make Wednesday raids with a minimum of 75% Attendance ,Contact either Myself or Mr Carrot, cheers guys:) ohh and Bump !

Bump, still want that Warlock!

:+1: Looking for all roles.

PoH is open for recruits once again. Currently have all content down 8/8 10/10 1/1
Still, we have roughly 10 spots available to fill out our 40 man’s but also for the upcoming ZG content.
We currently want dps. Rogues, fury warriors, hunters and a lock.
But also 1 shaman and a druid.
/w myself Ooshga or my alt Tyler in game, another option is Lexian or Necroscope
I hope to hear from your soon.