[H] <Prophecy of Hellscream> Recruiting for AQ 9/9

Prophecy of Hellscream Was formed in 2005 during Vanilla and has now reformed on Classic. We are currently recruiting a few people to top up the raid team.

Raid Times:
Wed – 2000 – 2300
Thur – 2000 – 2300
Sun – 2000 – 2300
With invites starting at 1930.

We have all content cleared. We currently clear AQ40+BWL+MC every reset on the main raids. There is usually other unofficial runs organised for ZG/AQ20 etc. It’s a relaxed and banter filled, but competent atmosphere.

At the moment we are particularly interested in:

  • Fury Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Feral (Cat) Druid
  • Resto Shaman
  • Shadow Priest OR PI/Weaving Priest
  • although every class and spec will be considered.

We also welcome Social members who can still sign up for raids, but on the understanding we would prioritise Raider or trial spots. (There is almost always spots for BWL, MC and the 20 mans)

Our only gear requirement is expecting at least Pre-BIS for BWL, and at least T1/ZG for AQ40 to be considered for a raid trial. We use CEPGP for loot distribution with no loot council.

/w Azguard, Necroscope, Rofius or Ooshga on discord or ingame for more info

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A little about PoH.
I have a little saying about here, “Relaxed Competence” The idea is to kill bosses, yeah, but we’re also not going to hound you because you couldn’t log on for the world buffs.
So if you want drop bosses, sink some beers and have a laugh while you do that, then PoH is for you.

We are now 8/9 in AQ with a 25% try on Viscidus as the last progress boss. Still looking for Melee DPS and Resto Shams!

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Looking primarily for melee dps now. Fury warriors/ rogue.
Also AQ 9/9

We are still looking for 1 or 2 melee dps, a healer (resto Shaman ideally) and a Shadow/PI Weave Priest. We are now close to clearing 9/9 AQ in 1 raid night.

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