[H] Prot Warrior LF 2 day Raiding Guild


Due to scheduling conflicts with my current guild, i am on the lookout for a 2 day raiding guild. I main a prot warrior and preference is to stick to tanking throughout SL. Current progress is 10/10N 2/10HC. The 2/10 HC is not indicative of my skills, just my lack of want to join pugs.

I am looking for a 2 day raiding guild and am available to raid any night but Tuesday, Thursdays & Saturdays. Am also interested in pushing keys. Ideally looking for a guild that is progressing through HC currently.

I know my class, I know the fights, I just need the team to progress with.

Currently on Kazzak, but open to transfer for the right guild.

RaiderIO: Sproutz on Kazzak (Post won’t allow me to link)

Contact me via Bnet: kebab#2449 or leave your details here and I’ll be in contact.

Hey Sproutz,

We are actually looking for tanks to join our newly formed guild, we currently raid Wed & Sun for HC. Please see our recruitment post below!

[H – Bronzebeard– EU] 7/10 HC LF Tank & DPS - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hey Sproutz,

Give us a look

Thanks Skellingtonz, unfortunately in hindsight I’d want to avoid Saturday night raiding. I’ve updated the original post.

If you have not found a home yet, feel free to read our recruitment topic. One of our tanks just gave us a headsup he’s not that big of a fan of the expansion, so we’re looking for a replacement before his sub ends