<H> Proximity - Looking for new members! (8/8 H)

Hello Everyone!

Proximity bands together a group of like-mined people who like to raid in friendly atmosphere and still give their best when it comes to killing raid-bosses!

We are guild with history dating back to 2010 and we plan to stay here for even more raiding! We have consistently shown that even if you have a hectic real life you can still be part of focused and fun raiding.

We believe it is important to keep our member base relatively small and tight knit, to ensure that the members we have will bond and get to know each other.

Our main focus is Heroic and we got EP cleared for some time now. We plan to venture into dark city of Ny’Alotha with 8.3 patch for more fun and solid progression.

We Raid on Sundays and Mondays 19:45-23:00 - server time.
We are looking for dps and healers to buff up our rooster.

We are also open for all social and casual players.
If You are interested reach me or any other officer!

Side note: If You can raid only once a week still don’t be shy to contact us :slight_smile: We are Open-mined :wink:

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