(H) Prozac Hunters

Prozac Hunters

Who we are

Founded in 2005 in Chromaggus we are a small grown family of players from various countries playing together partially since 2005.

Our objective is and has been to create positive friendly and fun environment to play and enjoy the game in together with friends and family members.

Objective and current State

Those of who form and run the raid squad always strive to push as far as we can challenge wise while maintaining a positive and fun raiding environment.

During legion we managed all curve achievements for every tier but always lacked the number of players to step into mythic. Current state is again the same we managed to clear heroic Uldir but lack people for mythic.

What we offer

  1. We organise dungeon runs and raids.

  2. Dungeons we run any keys on any level to help our guildies

  3. Raids we have currently to raid days where we focus on progression. However we do normal runs if enough are interested

  4. We support with raids mats (enchants food gems pots) based on give and take principle meaning all guildies can contribute and drop stuff in guild bank and we provide to those who need.

  5. Instead of punishing players for being low on dps or whatever we help where we can to improve with our knowledge of classes specs rotations logs.

Who are we looking for

First of all relaxed friendly people. It doesn’t matter if you and your gear are raid ready.

As long you are willing to improve we are willing to help and support!

We expect that you join us with your main we do not invest our efforts into gearing up alts of players that have their main in a different guild.

We use Discord for all types of communication and we expect that you at least read and during raids listen to what’s going on - we understand not everyone is in the mood for being talkative and that’s fine.

If you join us to be part of the raid squad we expect you prepare yourself starting with signing up / out for raids on calendar as well as reading up on tactics bring mats and food even though we usually provide from gbank.


Hey, your guild sounds like exactly what I’m looking for! I’m a returning player (it’s been a while) looking for somewhere to get back into raiding but also just to socialise and have fun playing the game. I’d love to join up.

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