[H] <Psychedelics> semi-hardcore guild

Who are we?
Psychedelics is a (10/10, 1/1 splt runs) raiding guild with exp. of clearing end game content from Vanilla to current retail! We started on Bladefist and later moved to Outland back in vanilla with exp in Naxx. during that period. We are a semi-hardcore guild with members being a part of our roster from 15y ago to the present day. We take the social aspect of the game very serious else we wouldn’t be playing an mmorpg, but also want to be able to play the game to our best potential and see each tier of raid released get cleared!


Raid Schedule:
Wednesday & Monday from 19:30st to 23:00 (Invites roll out at 19:30 and players are expected to be in the raid by 19:45 ready to start clearing)

x1 R.Shaman
x2 Disc/holy Priest
x1 Shadow Priest

(Exceptional players of other classes will be considered)

We do partake in pvp with some of our members being ex warlord and high-warlord players, and we seek to continue the trend.

What We Expect From Our Members
We expect our members to have a 90%+ attendance record while being prepped to raids with consumables, and the gear required of them. Furthermore, we expect our members to always treat others how they want to be treated, that is to remember to not only be social and polite within the guild, but outside of it to (YOU CARRY OUR NAME). We in Psychedelics want to enjoy the game but be social amongst one another, that means we are always on discord sorting out runs, having fun, and enjoying the game for what it is, and we want to see you partake in that.

Contact Us
If you have any questions concerning the guild, please contact any officers in the guild ( Zardomo, Annabelle, Slackeroni, Vannas) also feel free to send me a PM on discord too!
Bnet contact: Slackeroni#2639

Good Luck mate. Just responded for the cool name Greetz:)


Currently Recruiting:

  • x2 R.sham
  • x1 Mage
  • x1 F.war
    But any exceptional players will be considered. /w for more info!

Recruiting Resto shamans and Disc/Holy Pirests

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