<H> PUG MC Saturday 18:15 - No Items Reserved +1 MS>OS

Hi All

I will be running a MC run every Saturday. If you want join drop a bump here or send me a letter in game to Thirst with role and class.

Alts and pre BiS geared players welcome.

I will be explaining tactics to all that don’t know them and answer any questions.

Loot Rules -

Items MS>OS Highest roll +1. No items reserved. Patterns will also be rolled for.

Materials are reserved.

BoEs - WIll also work on a rolling principle separate from BoP again on a +1 level. If you roll for a BoE you will have to equip it.

As I will be taking pugs too. We will use a 3 strike system to filter players that don’t dedicate enough attention or show enough skill.

Strike 1 - Warning / Strike 2 - Counts as if you already looted an item / Strike 3 - Kick From raid.

How do I get a strike?

E.g. -

  1. Dying to stupid s**t and not paying attention.

  2. Going AFK without letting read leader know in /w.

  3. Ninja pulling.

  4. Not following tactics or lack of communication.

  5. Being rude to other raid members or spamming in chat.

  6. Not actively decursing (druids + mages) lucifron, shazzrah, (druids gehennas

  7. Not actively removing magic (priests) on lucifron, geddon

  8. Causing wipes or other shenanigans.

If you have questions or want to join.

Please be online in Orgrimmar near bank invites start 18:15 every Saturday.

Starting at 18:45 Final call.

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