[H] PVE / PVP <The Morning Crew> A Morning Raiding Guild

The Morning Crew - Shazzrah - Horde is both a guild and a community but more importantly a morning raiding crew !

We’re positioning ourselves outside of the pure guild model, to prefer an open platform where people having common needs can gather freely.

Our drive is to cater to the needs of people who, for whichever reason, prefer or have to play in the morning (family guys, nigh-shifters, players from a different time-zone etc.). Therefore, we will organise morning raids and morning premades most likely on Wednesdays and Saturdays / Sundays

We are active all the other days though.

Pull time is 10 AM Server Time for the morning raid

We have relaxed rules but respect, correct behaviour and posts will be strictly enforced whoever is concerned.

Led by an experienced crew, we organise raids in a structured fashion using a straight Nil-Sum DKP process where only contribution will be rewarded. We use Monolith DKP.

NB: nil-sum DKP is a system whereby spent DKPs are spread across the other raid members.

We are mostly looking for HEALERS, but all other classes will have their chance. We also accept socials and levelers with great pleasure.

Druids – High Need

Hunters – Average Need

Mages – Average Need

Priests – High Need

Rogues – Average Need

Shamans – High Need

Warlocks – High Need

Warriors – Average Need

If this answers one of your need you can reach out to our Discord server: discord.gg/WH6DaHK

or alternatively contact Ðeepcut, Fallata, Hecial or Gudgeman in game


Join us please! :smile:

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