[H] Pyjama raiders is recruiting people for Raiding & Dungeons

Hello, we are a guild that play both retail and WOTLK Classic and we are extremely active on Discord.

We decided to open our guild on WOTLK Classic with the interest of making a great community of people while having fun doing Dungeons/Raids together and being in discord to talk and banter.

We are still in need of some signatures to make this happen but i can guarantee you that if you are looking for a chill guild, to do content and raiding without feeling the pressure, this is for sure the right place for you.

We love WOTLK Classic and we will play every content we can but without making it be a secondary job.

If you are still levelling or if you are max level it doesn’t really matter to us! We are looking for People>Characters and we want to have a sweet community.

Raid events

Monday - 20:30 / 22:45 ST
Wednesday - 20:30 / 22:45 ST

We are still considering about a third day which would be Thursday.

This is my battlenet if you are interested: Friendlyguy#21527

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