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We have raided and PvP’d throughout Classic WoW, have private server raiding and PvP experience and retail AoTC experience.

We are a mature, educated and drama-free collective of older gamers that want our play experience to be what any game should be; fun and relaxing.

We will ensure a welcoming, tolerant, and professional guild atmosphere for everyone. It is our top priority. We aspire to be a community of mature and experienced gamers that can progress through both the PvE and PvP of the expansion at a competitive level but without extensive time commitments. Currently, most of us are well into our 30/40s, with families and careers, and we cannot have 12 hours of scheduled raiding a week. We are raiding two nights-per-week of raiding totaling no more than 8 hours.

We are not aiming for world first or realm first achievements, we are not super sweaty, but there is an expectation of preparation and performance so that everyone’s time is respected.

Our current roster also has quite a few PvP-minded folks with experience and retail accomplishments that are shooting for high ratings. Our guild will be a home for both.

Raid Days & Times:

20:00-23:00 Wednesday
20:00-23:00 Thursday

Raid loot system: Loot Council using BiS lists to determine priority.

What we expect from you:

Come prepared for raids (enchants / gems / consumables)
Knowledge of the raid encounters
Willing to help and improve yourself and your guildmates
Wipes can occur, insulting other players is forbidden
We encourage feedback and suggestions, always welcome

What are we currently recruiting:

Shaman (resto+ele)
Priest (holy+disc)

For more info:



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