[H] <Raid One> BWL Recruitment

Raid One is currently recruiting for BWL. We currently raid once a week for two hours starting at 19.30 server time. Plus Onixia depending on the reset day. Our official raid days are Wednesday, Sunday and Monday at 19.30 but there isn’t enough content atm.

For loot we use EPGP. There are certain rules attached (BIS item for one class > upgrade for another) but in those cases, points are still used/charged. We will be resetting the points before BWL to give our new recruits a fairer chance at getting gear.

We are currently looking for 1 mage, 1 resto shaman and will consider a good rogue, warrior, warlock.

ALL consumables are mandatory for progression, once on farm flasks become optional after a couple of weeks. However, flasks may rarely be required on special occasions depending on the guild’s goal.

New recruits must already have some raid gear, with the rest of their slots being close to pre-raid bis. All items are expected to be enchanted with the BIS enchant before BWL.


Semi-hardcore. Farming for consumables/gold is required to meet the above requirements.

If you have any questions or are interested in our stable well-performing guild please contact Muhahahahaha in-game. Or Contact me on Battlenet Sweetdemise#2600

update. FULL ATM

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