[H] RaiderIO is for plebs - Elitism Free Semi-Hardcore content for Shadowlands

Shadowlands is approaching and you may wish to get your Weekly M+ done, maybe PvP is more your style? Or perhaps the most recent raid on HC is your goal? With my newly founded community; I Hope to create a haven where people can get their wishes fulfilled without being told things like “Your score is too low” or “You are in the wrong covenant!”

Simply look up RaiderIO is for plebs in the community tab or add "Rexx#21743 for an invite. We are few atm but I hope to slowly grow until we got a decent sized roster for Shadowlands!

Shameless plugg; My guild by the same name on Tarren Mill EU is also looking for members for the same purpose so if you share the server; Why not join the guild as well?

So the Community side is steadily gaining members - Which is good! The more people the higher the odds for that we can even get some HC raiding done in Shadowlands. There has also been a growing concern from players with how it is clear that not all Soulbinds and Abilities per covenant will be “evenly enough” balanced out; so the elitism is sure to take hold early in the expansion - Give that elitism the middle finger by joining other people that actually wants to have fun doing content!

The pre-patch is upon us and the Community has grown! Yet more faces will always be welcome as the goal is still to span a vast roster of people once Shadowlands is out! Come join us and make sure you get to actually do content in the new expansion!