[H] Real A Team | 3 Nights | Dps 8/8 HC

Hello there!

We are a newly formed guild made up of dedicated players. The core starting group have cleared 7/8 in NM Uldir in the first week. We decided to go our own way and form a new guild. We raid Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 9pm Server time until 12pm Server time. Historically we have managed to get curve every tier in legion and this will be our aim at least each tier this expac.

We are currently

Full on Tanks ( May take one as Off Spec DPS )
1 Healer
Dps Needs
Shadow Priest - Hunter (MM/BM) - Boomkin - Monk

If you have any questions feel free to Whisper myself/Frostkeeper/Frostslayer/Clarityhhx/Kaiser In game for more info!

A Team move out!

Updated with new Class requirements
Updated with Class Requirements and new progress.
Updated with Class Requirements
Updated with Progress and new requirements
Title Updated
Updated with Mythic Progression and class needs