[H] Recruiting 1 powershifter

Greetings fellow Ashbrginer players,

Mythic Dawn is recruiting one Feral Druid - powershifter who would be willing to raid with us. We require dedication and deep understanding of the powershifting mechanisms.

Currently we are smashing through MC and Onyxia’s Lair and preparing for BWL. Preraid BIS+.

Raid nights are Wednesday 19:00 and Sunday 19:00. We are using a modified DKP system for loot distribution.

Please whisper Mythicalz ingame if you are interested in joining.


Ive got a druid ready, think the only item i miss from raid / instance is HoJ and Wristguards of stability other wise I’m the rest full bis.
Same with tanking.

got a mage also :stuck_out_tongue:

whisper Infamous or Thefamousone when your on

Thanks for the reply, I’ve added you ingame.

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