[H] Redemption - Recruiting for Raiding! 2/10 M

Hello, I’m Stars. Leader of Redemption Sanctuary.
We are a raiding guild that is progressing in Mythic, to better prepare we are recruiting players that want to progress within a stable structured guild and achieve cutting edge in raiding tiers!
We have room for social members but are primarily looking for mythic raiders.

Raid Schedule :
Time: 19 to 23:00 ST (till 24:00 for Sunday)

What we currently look for

  • Dedication to learn your own class, read up on the raid and want to continually improve to beat the raids
  • Activeness - we don’t have activity quotas, but we would like to see you ingame most days to do be able to do content together, be it mythic+, torghast or just hanging out in voicechat.

Classes we are in need off:
1 - 1 RShaman or DiscPriest
2 - RDPS (pref druid or warlocks)
3 - A secondary raid leader to establish a second raiding team
Other roles are welcome if proven exceptional

Interested? Add me for preliminary questions and then a shot voice interview
Discord - One Eyed Stars#1996
Or Bnet - Stars#22264

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