[H] <Reign> @ - Now recruiting more "Fresh Meat" for Heroic Raiding

<Reign> is looking for fresh meat to join our ranks! We are a Horde guild located on the merged EU realm of Bloodfeather/Burning Steppes/Executus/Kor’gall/Shattered Hand.

We are a bunch of relaxed people who enjoy playing the game in a laid back and non-competitive environment. Most of us are adults in our late 20’s and early 30’s who grew up playing World of Warcraft. While some of our players have previously enjoyed the game at the “hardcore” level, today most of us prefer a more semi-progressive approach to WoW that fits better with our otherwise busy lives (careers, families, studies, etc.)

What we offer :

  • A tight knit, friendly and helpful community
  • A two days a week raiding schedule that is very fitting with a bussy with real life
  • Mythic+ dungeons
  • Normal/Heroic raids

Who we are looking for :

  • You are a lighthearted person, with a decent sense of humor.
  • You are social in-game and actively join in with the guild community

As a raider you are all of the above, and :

  • You are able to attend our raids on a regular basis on Thursday and Sunday from 19.00 to 22.00 server time
  • You are willing to listen on voice communication (using a microphone is a bonus, but not mandatory)
  • You are willing to adhere to the strategies laid out by the raid leader
  • You aren’t afraid of failure, but instead take it as an opportunity to adapt and improve

Currently Recruiting :

Battle for Azeroth hasn’t exactly been kind to our roster and with quite a few members taking extended breaks from the game, we’re looking to expand our roster (primarily with focus on getting back into heroic raiding).

While we are always interested in hearing from all applicants (both raiders and non-raiders), then our current focus is return to a stable raid schedule.

  • 1-2 Healers
  • 1 tank (or DPS willing to tank once in a while)
  • A few DPS of any kind

Guild Communication :

Daily communication happens both through Discord as well as the in-game guild chat. All major guild announcements will also be announced through our Discord channel. This means that a Discord user is required to be a part of Reign.

Want to join ?

If we have managed to pique your interest, and you are interested in joining us, you can apply at our Google Form @ https://tinyurl.com/Reignwow

Alternatively then you can always poke one of the officers (all on Shattered Hand) in-game for more information:

Krounos (Btag: Tonk#21181)

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