[H] Resolute Recruiting

Looking for a raiding guild that’s full of try hards, know it all’s and shouting raid leaders, then I’ll stop you now!


If you’re looking for a raiding guild that’s slightly older, chilled out, but still gets the job done then Resolute might be the guild for you!

We currently raid 2 nights per week, Wednesday and Sunday 2100-0000 ST and are 10/10 HC CN - 10/10 SoD normal and 2/10 Heroic for Shadowlands.

Still reading? awesome!

We’re open to all classes and specs but would be especially interested in the following:

Healer - Paladin / Druid.

DPS - Paladin - Warrior - Monk - Druid - Rogue.

Tank - Primarily a DPS but who is happy to tank if required.

Like what you’ve read then drop either myself (TenaciousADH#2700) or BallBag#2450 a message.

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