[H] Resolute Recruiting

Resolute have been around since TBC. Originally on The Maelstrom and more recently for Shadowlands we started again on Doomhammer.

If you’re looking for a raiding guild that raid slightly later once kids are in bed, slightly older, chilled out, but still gets the job done then Resolute might be the guild for you!

We currently raid 2 nights per week, Wednesday and Sunday 2100-0000 ST.
We cleared CN on Heroic and plan for the same in SoD. Progress at the moment is a little slow due to a few players who have stopped playing for IRL reasons and we are currently 4/10 Heroic.

We generally supply Feasts and Cauldrons at each raid however we do expect you bring your on flasks and food etc should our HR department be absent. Generally raids are a chilled atmosphere and we have a good laugh each week.

We have many years experience between us all however we are also happy to hear suggestions for encounters during progress raids and like people to get involved if they are happy to. Not a requirement of course, we do have a couple of members that we’re not actually sure they have a voice box…

We run M+ on a weekly basis, no specific night though just when people are about.

Still reading? awesome!

Classes required…
Bring your skill, not a class is generally how we roll.
That being said, no more shammy healers for Main spec spots, we have too many already and we are a little light on melee dps to make use of my Windfury totem.

Like what you’ve read then drop either TenaciousADH#2700 or BallBag#2450 a message.

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