[H] <Reverie> new mythic raid guild - Draenor

Reverie is a new founded guild from a couple of friends and people that raided together before. Despite that we start late into the current content we aim to build up a mythic raiding guild which pushes deep into mythic content every tier.

We currently have a solid mix of mythic and ahead of the curve raider, but we still lack people to complete our 20-man roster.

We plan to start our raid journey in heroic in about a week and therefore need addition in every role.

We currently need:

1 Tank

Any – pref no warrior

1 Heal

Pref Shaman – no holy paladin/discipline priest


Any – with pref monk, warlock, druid, dk

We don’t mind if you have never raided mythic before or if you are not the most perfect player yet – we give everyone a fair chance. But with that we have some requirements:

Class knowledge – we expect you to know your class on a decent level, we won’t research for you on how to play your class.

Boss knowledge – we don’t expect everybody to understand the whole fight from the scratch, but we expect everybody to learn from every pull and do their best to improve.

Behavior – we expect everyone to be respectful to each other. If you are the world best, but you can’t behave well we will not take you into consideration.

We shouldn’t need to point out that everybody should come prepared (food, flask, enchants, pots) to the raid.

Our raid times are 7:30-11:30 pm st on each Thursday and Sunday. We have no plans to change that.

If you are interested or would like to know more add me on bnet or discord:

Marcus#2296 on discord
Marcus#21429 on battle.net

Only in need of dps!