[H] <Riptide> 3/10 Mythic LF Dps

Hello there, Riptide is a new guild consisting of a bunch of guys who got 9/10 Mythic CN last tier and decided we were done with looking for a guild and decided to make our own!
We all met on WoW and chill in discord/run keys most days and are probably some of the most chill people you’ll meet in WoW and love to play other games on discord when WoW has burnt us all out.

We raid Wednesday/Thursday from 8pm ST- 11PM

We’re looking for reliable dps, preferably ranged but exceptional melee should feel free to get in touch!

Reasons you should join
#1. We have a longboy,
#2. Number one.

Thanks for taking the time to read! We’re more than happy to accept socials too.

Add me on Bnet if you’d like to talk. RatZ#21228 Discord@Rat#9062

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