[H] Roll the Dice looking for raiders

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Roll the Dice is a guild who transferred from the Kilrogg/Nagrand/Runetotem cluster to achieve our goals.

We are looking for raiders/pvp-ers for BFA! Dedicated and loyal players that would like to enjoy BFA progression with us! The guilds aim is to have Ahead of the Curve and if possible mythic.

If you are a social, helpfull and mature player we are looking for you!
We offer a drama free and relaxing enviroment for all different kind of players

For more information add me on Battle.tag and we can have a chat: Xplosion#2962

The guild:
Roll the Dice was founded many years ago during Vanilla. Because of Real Life reasons people stopped playing and we decided to bring back life to this great guild! We will not give up untill we got a great group running and clearing BFA raids! (8/8 hc uldir)

We have the following expectations towards the players wanting to join us:

  • Decent Attendance
  • Know your class, it’s specs and itemization(s)
  • Be mature and respect the guild (rules) and other players
  • Be prepared for the raids since we are, after all, a raiding guild; reading up on any Boss fight (be it a farm or progress boss) is mandatory as well as bringing Consumables to the raids.
  • Have Discord installed, we don’t expect you to have a microphone, although its always a big advantage when the final judgement on your trial passes.

What we can offer you in return:

  • A mature and professional(ish) atmosphere, yet still relaxt.
  • Special evenings.
  • Fixed raid days based on calendar invites
  • Leader team with years of experience
  • Drama free environment
  • Achievements up to AotC/Glory
  • But most of all progression and end game content.

As for raid times:
Probably wed/sun/mon 20:00 - 22:00/22:30

Raid Invites starts at 19:45, (try to be online around that time so we can start pulling the trash by 20:00)

Fridays and Saturdays are usually off-days for off-raid activities(mythic+/pvp) or clearing older content / gathering achievements. (Yes we love Achievements)

If you think these rules are fit for you do not hesitate to contact us:
Battlenet: Xplosion#2962
Officers: Fels, Raevi, Casindra, Krugath

We are accepting Socials to bring the guild a more social atmosphere. For socials we offer a friendly atmosphere and alt / socials raids whenever possible!


Looking for mage and rogue to fill last spots! exceptional applications will always be considered.

(Hitmenow) #3

Still looking for a mage and druid healer/dps. 4/9 heroic currently and looking for nice and fun people to clear the rest of BoD with :slight_smile:

(Rustymuch) #4

Good afternoon, are you still after a balance druid ?

(Hitmenow) #5

yes we are still looking for dps (balance is welcome)

We are currently at 7/9 Heroic and looking for strong players to bolster our team!
In need of dps and 1 dps with heal offspec and willing to switch.

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