[H][RP] 4th Horde War Council

You notice a flyer pinned to a notice board in Orgrimmar

Brothers and Sisters of the Horde,
The Horde War Council is meeting once more to discuss important issues and share their opinions on current affairs.
All are welcome to attend.
Till then,
Warlord Rushorn Bloodhoof of the Gosh Ogar Clan


Hey all, the War Council is meeting again this Sunday at 1pm.

Join the RP disc to get further updates of this event, link: myrspYY

The event will last an hour or two and should be alot of fun discussing different topics.

See you then.


“Attend the war council they said. It will be fun, they said!”

This event is open to all roleplayers and all roleplaying guilds, by the way, regardless of particular affiliations, and/or your IC stance on the war.

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menacingly flips his mace around, whilst chuckling to himself looking at the back of Themrok’s head…

I applaud such events, what happened to the alliance one?

Edit: I imagine the event was crowded, how you manage such a large event?

The only one I attended on the alliance side was a bit chaotic, some of it was fun like bickering between races.
But it quickly was taken over by those too without patience for such a long and dragged political rp and pvpers who were there expecting some pvp raid to form.

First of, thanks!

I’m not sure how the alliance one is doing, they should hold their second meeting soon.

Discord helps a lot for organisation, I helped set that up on the rp disc for alliance too. Everything else sort of falls into place for us :slight_smile:

We also have alot of rp-drama but it is all self contained and really fun. Our events take normally around an hour or two and run fairly smoothly.

Unfortunately on a pvp server you’ll have people like that. A 2nd war council should however bring people that are only there for pvp :smiley:

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The fast scrolling with dozens of emotes and /say of people speaking to each other even on low makes this kind of event really hard to follow.

Never used listener add-on but have been told it helps on these situations.

Forbidding people to gossip and mumble in the background, seems too heavy handed for me, but maybe doing it like a court room where there must be silence? How was it for you guys?

I also disagree on the only pvp player part, for me the council should be filled with Rpers first, pvper second, or else why even hold such an event? Wpvp raid is easy enough to form.

I’m sorry? Warlord?
Be what you realy are - Rushhorn. no need to be ashamed of your real rank ))
Our Torn Tongue clan not informed in time, so our consuls of elders did not appear at the meeting. What are the results, which of the other clans and guilds were present?

Uh- it’s a rank for IC purposes, strictly within RP…

The stream VOD is available at twitch.tv/rushork if you wish to watch it.

I know firend but - much more intresting in playing with RPG not RP Chat… Lets do rank together? $)

I’m ranking… but my OOC rank is different from my IC rank. I’m not limiting my RP to the limits of the game. You may find it interesting to grind out to get Warlord rank as soon as possible, but that’s not for me. My RP would be wildly limited if I started off in Classic from 0. Not to say that I didn’t progress my character through RP, but I don’t want to limit myself to the game’s systems.

Side note, Warlord does not -mean- anything inside RP. It’s simply the title of my character as he is a guild leader. I don’t think you would be saying the same if my title was “Chieftain”, it’s just because you relate it to a OOC rank.

You are on a roleplaying server so you should understand this things better. As Rushorn said and well, IC is different from OOC. So yes, you can rp whatever rank you want as long as it makes sense lorewise.

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OOC thats means out of character. so if you says that you are “Warlord” YOU should put OOC: before.
Because its Out Of Character these are your fantasies it’s not roleplaying Its role-chating.
I’ll put as an example any canonical TRPG and your actions do not correspond to your words - then most likely the GM will take away all your abilities and in the end you will be left with nothing.

Im deeply respect Rushorn end events his team doing to comunity,
But I don’t understand why you can’t hold all these events on behalf of your character. You can write a beautiful story and justify it that Thrall was instructed by the Scout to conduct events, because he was the most fearless and proactive.
Meetings should to become real actions and events. Now it looks like a bunch of anonymous alcoholics, they sat talking and that’s all.

I do not criticize Rushorn I just really want a lot. It’s good that there is such a good team and I will try to help her and our entire clan!

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My rping experience 5 cents…
Rushorn is both IC and OOC a Clan leader. If a Clan choses to name its leader Chieftain, Warlord, King, Boss or whatever its their matter.
So Rush is justified to be presented IC as Warlord, of his clan, and not the Horde’s ofc.
The PvP ranking titles have nothing to do with RP anyhow. Imagine yourseld an 60 level Undead mage and ranked as Grunt or Legionnaire.

That being said I have to agree with you at your point that the rping we see is at a juveline state. RPG is not gathering around a fire and chatting and emoting.
All efforts being done are great but we have to figure how to evolve it to something greater.

This is what I’m trying to get at.

I made a mistake, ofc the event should be RPer first. Sorry, that’s what I intended to write :slight_smile:

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