[H-RP] Bladewing

Silvery moon, washed with blood,
Led astray into the night, armed only with a sword of light,
Broken, then betrayed by one, standing there bestride the sun,
At darkest hour, redemption comes, in knightly lady sworn to blood.

  • Prophecy of the naaru A’dal, ruler of Shattrath.

M’uru’s sacrifice was as much of a catalyst for change as his capture was, you could see change happening within the Blood Knight Order almost immediately. Stoney and sour faces soon gave way to more pleasant demeanors. Whether this was a result of simply letting go of the bitter nature that had driven the blood knights prior to this or the more harmonious nature they began to undertake with the Light… I can only speculate. Seeing as they became so tight-lipped after the Sun-King’s transgressions in Silvermoon.

  • The Dance of Silvermoon, Volume 2 - Historian Mi’tallan.

Hello! After a very long state of dormancy due to work and the fact that BFA was about as fun as pulling nails, we’re back!

Who are we?

Bladewing, as a guild, is purely made up out of Blood Knights; blood elven paladins sworn to Lady Liadrin and Silvermoon.

However in terms of the guild Bladewing is a mutual agreement between fellow knights to pursue and chase whatever ambitions and goals they can come up with. This “circle” of comrades can end up pursuing whatever ambitions they can come up with, whether it’s helping recover lost relics for their own direct benefit to helping the Horde (and more importantly Silvermoon) with whatever foe they are currently brawling with. You’ll likely find us knee-deep in mischief.

Think of us as a mongrel mix of arthurian themes, patriotic elves, faith and glory-hunters. It will all make (hopefully) for an interesting and, sometimes, self-conflicting mess.

How do I join?

You should contact myself - or well - any member of the guild and they should direct you to me. From there, we will set something up on getting your character to join our insular band of marauding knights!

If you can’t get a hold of me in game then try poking me on Discord: Insipid#1765

Joining Criteria

Your character has to be an actual Blood Knight, and that means they have undergone their “second trial” and become an “adept” within the order. Once you’ve joined the guild, your character will be an “aspirant” until enough characters within the guild are accepting of them. Once enough of the characters ‘vouch’ for them, they are officially welcomed into our little brotherhood!

But Aerilen, I roleplay an initiate or another class! Can I still join?

We have, historically, dragged other classes around with us on our antics. We are quite careful with the spirit and idea of the guild we have. So initiated and other classes will be taken in rarely, on a case by case basis. We don’t really want to become Bladewing, the mage conclave or Bladewing, the training camp.


Here comes trouble.


bring back thoro’dias


Actual honest-to-m’uru Blood Knights.



oh boy here i go killing again


Welcome back!


Welcome back Sin’dorei cousins!


This looks cool. Good luck out there, guys!


Did Aerilen get a haircut?


Here comes the sun



i must say, not a good look :unamused:

then again, the bladewing never looked good after we were done with them :sunglasses: :new_moon: :dagger: :elf:

here’s to hoping for more potential rp pvp or something!


Yeah, I was goofing around with the new styles. As a whole the customisation for blood elves feels quite flat, no runic tattoos at all! :angry:


Aerilen got himself a new enchanted comb by the looks of it - those bangs are to DIE for.


One of the small positives to come from Aerilen’s own personal projects was that his writing had gotten increasingly steady and easier on the eyes. Transforming from what his wife once chastised as a “spider’s desperate flight after almost drowning in a pot of ink” to something he genuinely held a small degree of pride in.


The name may not mean much to many who read this, but to those who now live because of this dauntless soul I request that you once again spare me a moment of your time.

On the evening of the 24th I shall be where we left our shields as tribute. ~A.A

He wasn’t expecting much from the cryptic summons, it was an anaemic call out to the old guard. To the likes of Oakvale, Dawnsword and Sunstriker. And it was in all likelihood to be smothered by some bounty or notice within the same day. Drowned out by whatever vermin had decided to make itself a thorn for the locals.

Hello! Hello!

We’re back and steadily lurching into life again (especially now that I have a desk and not having to slum it on a cardboard box), Bladewing are crashing into another twisting and turning trail of hijinks. :partying_face: :partying_face:


It had been several hours since the Forsaken sergeant had taken away the bodies of what Aerilen was now sure were little more than poachers and the entire situation still felt sickly. They weren’t bandits, that much could be deducted from the slips of parchment they found on the corpses. It was obvious as soon as blades were drawn, the humans were shaking with fear and Aerilen swore one of them was armed with a chisel of all things. Poachers. Poachers who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The looming prospect that the blood knights had been used by some merchant’s quest for gold, decadence or something much more nefarious left Aerilen shaken.

After chasing rumours of Horde merchants being attacked, Bladewing have found themselves in Lordaeron, quite unsure what they’ve blindly waded into.

A big thanks to Ortellus and the Holy Order of Lordain for the RP-PvP!


I just gotta say that I thank Nisidor The Darkener for our short, but a productive alliance in Hillsbrad. I feel closer to the dark side than I did a day ago

Also thanks to Ortellus and CO for yet another fantastic eve!


The best blood knights out there, hands down; never been more convinced to play a damned elf before. Huge thanks to all the Bladewing gang for the last few nights of RP, from myself, the Order, and the hobo in the jail in Stromgarde that is enjoying Aerilen’s thick woolen socks! :socks: Looking forward to the next time we cross blades!


An elf guild that uses the perfect set, practically tailored for elves by Blizzard, Light bless.