[H-RP] Convocation of Elrendar - Shadowlands Edition

Crumpled excerpts from a tract would be found in bare snippets among the streets of Silvermoon City, bearing no sigil, exhorting the reader in a jagged script.

To know a problem you have to call it by its name. It’s impossible to talk about the color of the sky without acknowledging that there is a sky in the first place, let alone to say what its weather means or what to do about it. So it is with questions of statecraft, to deal with the problem, it must be stated clearly. What is the problem then?

The problem is that the priesthood of Quel’thalas is irreconcilably wrong and what it preaches is therefore also wrong. Souls, blessed or not, all end up wherever they do without the Light taking any part. The link to the Sunwell offers no protection. The draenei, who’s vaunted Prophet restored the Sunwell in the first place, have no protection to speak of afforded to them despite their prostrations before the naaru for longer than the High Kingdom has existed. The afterlife instead consists of fiefdoms, wherein the qualities of the individual decide, save for the present, where everyone goes to a realm of torture.

Where does this leave the Blood Knight Order? Born out of the greatest calamity our people’d ever seen, by those who’s faith was shattered on the river Elrendar by a revelation much lighter than this one. If the Order is to have a future, a formative role in serving our people going forward and protecting them from threats in this world and beyond, it can’t close its eyes to this truth. As it was reforged once by faith in the Light with the Sunwell’s return, it must be reforged again, little by little, not just to brunt the blow of this truth but to be a vanguard so that what might otherwise break our people would see them instead stronger than ever.

With the forum reaper coming for our last topic, it’s high time for a fresh one, pending some big updates what with an expansion announcement being right around the corner!

1. What is the Convocation?

The Convocation of Elrendar is an active RP guild primarily focused on the Blood Elves, their moral ambiguity and their ties with the rest of the Horde. We’ve been around on the Sha’tar since late Wrath and through retooling we’ve stayed active for the majority of time across the years up to now.

A paramilitary organisation formed in the wake of the fall of the Lich King and held together ever since through changes of leadership and direction, the constant is the Convocation’s defense of Sin’dorei interests at home and abroad and their penchant for getting into trouble with the law, be it of their own fault or less so.

In Shadowlands, the Convocation has had its most thorough reformatting yet, with the old leadership structure giving way for a stronger connection to the Blood Knight Order and the old Archon being substituted by a military Captain ruling through a close circle of informal advisors.

2. What are the Convocation’s goals?

In Battle for Azeroth, the Convocation was among the foremost loyalist organisations, refusing to change sides until the Horde had already turned on Sylvanas Windrunner. Going from a zealous, well-funded military force seeking mastery of azerite to defeat the enemies of Quel’thalas, foremost the void elves, many of its members were implicated in breaches of peace that left them separated in the wake of the Banshee Queen’s defeat.

Now in Shadowlands, recovering from the wake of that damage has the Convocation back to its roots as an organisation tightly woven with the Blood Knight Order. Restoring their damaged reputation and showing they can do some good in the world and can be a representative of how the Sin’dorei can be allies to the world after the Fourth War is one thing, but so too is balancing that with still being an active proponent of the Blood Elves across the world.

The greatest challenge to this is what lies beyond the Veil, not only the physical threat posed by the Maw and the remaining Sylvanas loyalists that the Convocation themselves were once exemplars of but the implications that the known afterlife poses to the faith of the Light that the Sin’dorei after the reignition of the Sunwell have held dear.

3. What can the Convocation offer?

We have a strong OOC community to call on both in WoW and in other games, and while we’re by no means hardcore players, most of us do dabble in mythics or PvP. Our main goal though is RP. We have three events each week, Monday to Wednesday at 19:30 realm time, with more unplanned over the course of the week, to be sorted both in-game and on our dedicated discord.

We do both one-offs and lengthy story-driven campaigns. Events use our own easy to pick up 1-20 rolling system with a few modifiers for character perks and abilities and we place emphasis on both hitting and chatting your way out of trouble. Or getting into it, if that happens to be more your cup of tea.

4. Requirements and How to Join

The main thing needed to join the Convocation is to be an elf or to have a vested interest in the blood elves. While the Convocation is not exclusive to blood elves, and we have both Forsaken and Nightborne, our focus is centered on the Sin’dorei perspective, a character without much stake in them would simply not have the full benefit, though of course, an outsider looking in has their own RP opportunities.

The Convocation has no restriction on Class, though Death Knights, warlocks and Demon Hunters can be expected to not be treated well. The Convocation’s closer focus on the Light in Shadowlands has not leant itself to the warmest reception to such characters, but they also result in some of the most interesting conflict as opposites have to put their differences aside to cooperate.

In terms of levels, because we go around the world a lot and especially high level areas, being max level is desirable. Being perfect at English isn’t required, nor is much roleplaying experience, provided you’re interested. The internet has no shortage of guides on the Lore to make up for any gaps. We were all newbies at one point.

To join the Convocation, you can message any of our members, but especially Bachian, Ditorius, Viradri, Lythius either on this topic, by in-game letter or through a /w. You can also check out our site at or message any of the above for access to our discord which is your number 1 stop for all information on the guild:


The guild site also includes a directory for our recurring characters, a place for stories posted by guild members, a guide to our rolling system and a lot more. We’ll hope to see you there!


CoE is a wholesome place to be :slight_smile:

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they’re kinda cool ish i guess even if they do owe us money per ren’dorei head >:(


We’re heading to the land of other angry purple elves now, so who knows what job offers are open.


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So, about that money you owe us…


We went to the land of purple elves and we’re still there, though a few of us have gone to parts unknown.

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After a long while out in Hyjal, having made enemies of just about everyone we met (including each other) and with half our team in a different area altogether, there’s light at the end of the tunnel of the Convocation getting home to a happy reception.

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Sun, it’s good to be home.

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