[H][RP EVENT] Winter Veil Festivities!

Greetings Horde.

Winter Veil is upon us and you are all invited to the Winter Veil festivities in Orgrimmar!

Time: 4PM
Date: 14th December
Location: Orgrimmar, Valley of Strength

Events Include:
(in order of occurrence)

/roll minigames and more.

Run by Rushorn
When announced, pay 1g for a ticket.
Winner will win all of the ticket money.

Costume Contest
Judged by a panel of judges.
Dress up in your Winter Veil costume,
winner receives a prize.

Secret Grandfather
Run by Liluye
Give a present, and one will be returned to you from a random player.

Ending the Event, we will all gather in the Orgrimmar tavern. Eating and drinking to our hearts content.

Friendly Duels outside Orgrimmar after the event.

Free Entry.

Needed: Helpers to run minigames.
Get in contact rushork#7231 on disc.

See ya then.


Costume Contest
The prize pool for the costume contest will be 100g, funded by me. I will be streaming the event on the day at www.twitch.tv/thejoebear.
See you then,

And they say horde rp is dead.
Awesome event, this and the merchants event you have in oggrimar seem so fun. come to the allyance. rushorn!

Sorry, but I had to.

Thanks for the compliment though :smiley:

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